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Selling land? We got you covered!


Listing land for sale is different for everyone. Things like, time availablity to sell, needing top dollar for the parcel, needing a quick sale but without the ability to underprice for quick close. Many factors come into play when listing a parcel of land, and the sale of land is very different from the sale of a home or commercial property.


Regardless of the type of land you are wanting to sell, we can help you. 

We understand that there are a variety of land types and each transaction will take a specific strategy to accomplish your goals in selling the property. 

Reach out to me by phone or email, and let's get started helping you sell that property in the way that best serves your needs.

If you own a land parcel that is situated in a subdivision or exsiting housing community, this could mean selling the site could be quicker than usual. By taking the right actions and marketing the listing through multiple outlets, we can uncover the right buyer quickly. 

When the market is on the lower side of resale inventory for homes listed, it usually means land sales have a good window of opportunity! Buyers have a hard time picking up new homes to purchase, and will sometimes look at the option of purchasing land to build a new home on.

Getting to know an option of builders in the area and the product they build can serve you well in finding a buyer for your land. We will help you gather that information and get your listing in front of not only home buyers, but also investors and builders that may have interest in the listing.


Know your land and what it provides. All land is different and provides different opportunities for different buyers. You should know all there is to know about your land, or have your REALTOR® help you to find that information.


Some land has unuseable land on the property (marsh land, or sometimes land with sand domes etc.), others will have valuable mineral rights. Some have timber tax deductions for a tax advantage that some buyers will find attractive. Others might be highly attractive to a builder or developer for future use. 

To take full advantage of selling your parcel(s) of land, make sure to fully know what you are selling. By not knowing everything about your land, you could be losing thousands!

If you have a wooded lot, it can be difficult to put together an attractive listing with pictures.


For many of these lots I am able to provide complimentary drone pics for the listing as part of my service!


This puts your listing on the forfront of others. Giving the buyer a bird's eyeview of the area and the beauty of your piece of property.


Have a parcel that has been difficult to keep maintained??


This is a common issue with Sellers that are long distance and cannot be on site to care for their parcel(s). Finding a buyer can be overwhelming due to the fact that some of these Sellers do not wish to spend the time and money fixing up their property before selling it. Some Sellers are looking to get out quickly and will gladly sell the property highly undervalued to a wholesaler to move quickly with a sale. Finding the right wholesaler can be difficult. 

If this is your situation, I can help you speak with a few wholesalers that I've worked with before and you can see if this is right for you. Typically there is a very minimal fee if any to sell this way, and will not cost you the price of a typical list.

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