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Real estate is demanding and you need a REALTOR® that can provide constant commmunication and be available at a moments notice. With a team of experts behind us at United Real Estate Partners, you will never feel left alone. If you have a transaction that requires a team, we can pull it together for you with the best REALTORS® available in the market.

Residential Listing

From simple to complex, we have you handled, and at the best price! Listing your home with us will provide you with the best price for the results you're looking for! We can work together to find out what it will take to get the results you are looking for. Without spending more than you want! Most transactions have NO charge unless we sell your home!

The Process...

• Short Meet and Greet (online or in person)

This will give us a chance to meet and talk over any concerns or questions you may have. We discuss your goals with this transaction and what we can do to reach them together. 

• CMA for your Home

This report will give you a clear understanding of the market value of your home. This will aid us in putting together a strategy to reach our goals.


You are not locked into a time specified contract with us. If you are unhappy with our services at anytime before finding you a buyer, you are free to cancel our agreement (unless otherwise agreed to).

• List your Home on the MLS and other MLS pulling sites across the Web

We list your home on the GSREIN MLS data base. This data base covers the greater New Orleans area, and Baton Rouge! This also allows your property listing information to be pulled by other sites like Zillow,, etc.

• We will Handle all Inquiries, and Qualify Incoming Leads

A flood of calls come in when putting your home on market, but you would be shocked how few actually qualify for your particular property. We sift through all the calls and find you your buyers!

• Bluetooth Lockboxes

Showing a home can sometimes feel stressful when you don't know who's been in it. With our lockboxes, we know exactly which agent is entering your property and with which clients. These boxes have no codes and can only be opened by the agent and their phone. This prevents anyone other than an agent from entering your home. Our software will also allow you to approve or deny your own showings, and have all the information on your phone at the palm of your hands. 

• First Class Signage

Our signage will stand out among the rest! Your buyers want to know they're purchasing a quality home, and expect to see a quality listing. You'll be proud to have it standing in front of your home.

• Open House

Providing an open house for agents and buyers will gain more exposure to your audience. This will allow a larger number of people to have a showing of the home without the worry of a set scheduled time. Let us do all the work, while you take a lunch out!

• Presenting your offers

Getting offers is one challenge. Understanding which one is best, is another. All offers are unique. From different types of funding, whether it's all cash, conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, CAFA, etc. , it can become overwhelming to understand and sort it out yourself. Some offers have special contingencies, special fiancing requests, and other special requests within the offered contract. Timelines, like closing times, and due diligence timelines. There are many factors to look at and understand in a real estate contract. We have you handled, and we'll hold your hand every step of the way. We'll advise you on your options, and make sure you're fully informed to make the best decision on which offer to accept. 

• Negotiating the offer

This phase is so important. Understanding where you stand, and the positioning you have within the offer is crucial. Navigating the negotiations to meet halfway to where you originally aimed to be takes strategy. We help you understand the other parties possible position, and help you make the best negotiating decisions possible to keep the deal alive, and reach your financial target goal.

• Following the Transaction through to the Closing Table

There are a number of things that happen behind the scenes after accepting an offer. From making sure the proper paperwork is filed, to securing the deposit, dealing with possible back up offers, inspections, funding, appraisal, title, and closing. There's a long process before ever reaching the closing. We have it handled, and will take a weight of the work off you.

• Your own Real Estate Personal Assistant

We understand that our clients are busy in their own lives outside of the sale. When listing with us, you have the opportunity to have someone that acts like your own personal assistant in real estate. You have someone there when you can't be. Whether it's being there for the photographer, or helping you find services to better prepare your property for the sale. We have many contacts that will help you on your sale. From photographers, drone video, video, landscapers, repairmen, cleaning services, or stagers. We have a list of professionals that will provide the very best service available to accomplish your goals. If you need recommendations, we got it!


I believe you shouldn't pay more than you need when listing your home. We'll form the best plan to sell your home, and decide on a custom listing just for you. Call today and let's start talking about how to sell your home!

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