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With a full team of experts behind us, there is always someone available to take care of your needs. Real estate is demanding and you need a REALTOR® that can provide constant commmunication and be available at moments notice. With a team of experts behind us at United Real Estate Partners, you will never feel left alone. If you have a transaction that requires a team, we can pull it together for you with the best REALTORS® available in the market.

Residential Sale and Lease Listings

Sale Listing

No Sale listing is too small! If you have a small property to list, you're as important to me as the larger properties. My goal is that you are completely satisified with my work, and will refer me to others in your circle of friends! My quality of work is important to me no matter what the size!

If you have a property that demands more attention due to size and price, we have it handled. Talk to me about complimentary drone pics for your listing too!

Lease Listing

If you are an investor that is looking to lease your property, look no further! I can help you get your property back on the market quickly, and with the best tenants possible! 

Some investors have multiple properties coming back on market at once. If you find yourself in this position, no worries! Call me today, and let's get started filling those vacancies!

Time on the market vacant is a huge expense to you as the investor/landlord. No one understands this better than me as a fellow investor. 

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3500 Hwy 190 Suite 220

Mandeville, LA 70471

office: 985-256-5500

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Each office independently owned and operated

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