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We understand there's a big difference between First-time Home Buyers and clients that are looking to buy a home with previous experience having gone through the process. 

If you are relocating, you couldn't have picked a better team! With experience in relocating clients from out of area or out of state, we understand the needs and demands of these clients.


Regardless of what level Buyer you may be, we have you covered. You will know right away you made the right choice choosing me and my team as your partner in finding your perfect home!

First-Time Home Buyer...Lots of Questions

As a First-Time Home Buyer you can have lots of questions and feel intimidated to ask. So many people miss out on the opportunity to purchase a home simply due to not seeking out answers to their questions.


With so many programs available to First-Time Home Buyers, it is always shocking to see the number of people that qualify for these incredible programs that have no idea these programs exist!

If you have decent credit, and a stable job history, you are more than halfway there to owning your own home! You simply need to pick up the phone contact me and my team today!

If you don't have money for a down payment or closing costs, that is no excuse for not pursuing your dream!


There are a number of programs that allow buying a home with no money down possible! In the past, hearing "No Money Down" would strike a cord of suspicion with people, including real estate agent. Now, we see this happening every day, and any REALTOR® will tell you that this is not unusual.

Contact me today and get information regarding these programs and more! I promise you that you are much closer than you could ever imagine! 

You'll be the next First-Time Home Buyer signing their contract to a brand new home with no money coming out of pocket! Hard to believe, but absolutely reality!

Relocation or Client buying a 2nd or 3rd home.


Relocating from out of the area can be a challenge to say the least. Especially if you are coming from out of state. I've gone through the experience myself when I moved my family from Seattle, WA. back home to New Orleans. Even as someone that was moving out of state to relocate back to a state that I was familar with, was a huge challenge. So I understand the anxiety of picking the right area for your family in a place that is unfamiliar.

With relocation clients we use technology to have them feel like they are here along side with us. We can do virtual showings of property, help our clients with mapping out their areas of interest by meeting with them online and utilizing screen sharing options to share information in real time. In some cases, we can even utilize drone footage to give the client a birds eye view of their future home and it's area.


Vacation, or 2nd Home

Buying a 2nd home or a vacation home, is an exciting time! There is so much to plan, and so much learn! 

Planning on how your vacation home will be handled while your away is a major decision. Do you intend to have a 2nd home that will only be available to you and your family? Or do you intend to have a 2nd home that will be a vacation home, earning income while you're away by accepting temporary guests for a fee?


Many Clients purchase a vacation property or 2nd home while living out of state. We utizilze the same tools with these clients as we would with a client that is relocating. From virtual meet ups, and screen sharing time that will help our clients get familiar with the area and make the best choices for themselves in terms of picking the right location. To virtual showings, and even sometimes drone footage that will help the client see the surrounds in a way not normally explored. 


Call us today and explore your options! We look forward to helping you accomplish this exciting landmark!

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